• Reservation Policies

Special Events "Ticket"

We understand plans change at the last moment, the weather doesn't cooperate at times and emergencies occur. Unfortunately, this causes empty seats to our events that could have been otherwise occupied. As our Special Events generally sell out and in our attempt to meet the needs of guests who prefer to reserve well in advance we take reservations for our Special Events through a "ticket" process.

Please understand when making your reservation you have purchased “tickets” to our Special Event seating and all sales are final. They are non-refundable and like a concert or show may not be moved or changed. If you are unable to make the reservation you may gift the tickets to another party at your discretion and responsibility. Your reservation number will serve as your “tickets”.

Your credit card provided will be charged in advance for the number of seats reserved (before tax). Beverage, tax and a 20% auto gratuity is additional. Upon receiving your check, the amount charged in advance will be credited to your bill.

To reserve an event, please call 269-857-5777.

Currently applies to: Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas(Eve), New Year's Eve and all Wine Pairing Dinners.